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Ozempic Weight Loss Reviews—Before and After Photos

A drug that helps you shed excess weight, curbs junk food and sugar cravings, and even improves your heart health? It’s no wonder that Ozempic has rapidly become a household name. Ozempic has given incredible hope and opportunity for people who struggle with weight loss, obesity, diabetes, and other chronic conditions.

Ozempic contains semaglutide, a substance that acts like a hormone your body naturally produces. It helps reduce overwhelming hunger and maintains stable blood sugar levels, which can help you lose weight and keep it off.

Here are stories from real users who lost weight and gained freedom from food thoughts using semaglutide (Ozempic). 

You’ll see their weight loss before and after results and learn about the struggle to get Ozempic and their inability to access the branded versions of this gamechanging drug.


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Although some people manage to obtain a prescription for Ozempic, many continue to face challenges. Since its introduction, both Ozempic and its top competitor, Wegovy, have experienced supply issues, insurance complications, and other obstacles.

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45 lbs Ozempic weight loss in 8 months

Reddit user Aurora reported that thanks to Ozempic, her weight went from 186 to 141 pounds in less than a year. She said she felt comfortable in her own skin and could wear the wedding dress of her choice due to the weight loss. 

Almost 150 lbs lost on Ozempic! 

Reddit user u/SadIntro posted their incredible weight loss transformation on Ozempic. The 149 lbs weight loss was over 20 months. Apart from taking semaglutide, she also made lifestyle changes to sustain weight loss by exercising and eating more whole foods.

They were initially on Ozempic but had to switch to Mounjaro due to the global Ozempic shortage. 

This user may have gotten an Ozempic prescription when she needed it and was fortunate to get approved for Mounjaro as well. However, many others have not been so lucky.

Kickstart your weight loss with semaglutide

If you’re struggling to get Wegovy approved by your insurance, facing delays, or can’t start on Wegovy or Ozempic because they’re out of stock, keep going. The critical component in both, semaglutide, is also available as a generic at a price that’s 80% cheaper than the brand names.

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Man with two-year 127 lbs weight loss results on Ozempic!

Reddit user u/Nerdnursern shared their amazing weight loss results on Ozempic. Apart from losing weight, they maintained their weight loss even after two years. They reported changing their body shape, getting healthier lab results, and not dealing with any side effects from the drug. 

While this user had insurance coverage for Ozempic, some others, like OrangeJeepDad, responded that they had to switch insurance and were no longer covered. As a result, they ended up gaining some of their weight back. 

How does Ozempic help you lose weight?

Ozempic and Wegovy, two semaglutide drugs designed for weight loss and managing type 2 diabetes, have transformed the discussion on obesity, weight management, and metabolic health.

Ozempic, or semaglutide, aids in weight loss by:

  • Reducing food cravings, so you think less about eating. Eating too much when on Ozempic can lead to feeling sick, which helps prevent overeating.
  • Slowing digestion by acting like the GLP-1 hormone. This process makes you feel full and controls hunger.
  • Increasing insulin production, which is essential for turning sugar into energy. This is beneficial for people with diabetes and insulin resistance, as it helps with weight loss and blood sugar control.

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It’s frustrating to finally find a solution for obesity and food noise, only to face insurance problems and supply shortages that can block your weight loss progress.

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From 5XL to XL: Fantastic 250 lb weight loss on Ozempic

Different_Friend2996 shared their inspiring weight loss from over 500 lbs to almost 250 lbs! In the beginning, they noted that because their weight was so high, many weighing scales would not register their weight. 

They shared that taking even 20 steps was a struggle initially, but now they walk daily. However, when they had to stop taking Ozempic for a few months, their cravings for sugar came back, and they began eating more.

Apart from weight loss, they even shared that they lost muscle aches and pains during the winters due to their newly found health.

Whopping 64 lb weight loss on Ozempic in just 9 months! 

User thebodyelectric87 posted their weight loss journey on Ozempic. They lost 64 pounds on Ozempic in only 9 months. At 5’4”, they started at 196 lbs and dropped to 132 lbs. The user also mentioned that once they began eating whole foods and staying hydrated, they did not have to deal with any side effects of the drug. They said they had started losing weight on the starting 0.25 mg dose itself. 

Even this user’s journey had its struggles. After being on Ozempic for a while, their insurance provider stopped covering the drug because they did not have diabetes. The healthcare provider switched them to Wegovy instead. 

Fortunately, for this user, they did not have to deal with shortages, but many others have yet to have the same luck.

Why is there an Ozempic and Wegovy shortage?

Ozempic users and people who want to start taking Ozempic have been battling supply shortages for a year and even more. 

Novo Nordisk and Eli Lilly, drug manufacturers of Ozempic and Wegovy, have increased production but still can’t meet the high demand for their drugs. Limited facilities can manufacture these drugs, and they require highly specialized machines. 

Eli Lilly, the maker of Zepbound, faces challenges in producing enough injection pens. Novo Nordisk, the company behind Wegovy, is also struggling but has recently doubled its supply for new patients. However, many others have to live with uncertainty about their medication, and the demand for these drugs is too high. Is doubling the capacity enough to keep up?

Additional issues stem from the fact that many employers and health plans don’t pay for obesity medications. Medicare can’t cover these drugs by law, and Medicaid offers limited coverage. 

Also, due to intermediaries in the drug supply chain, many independent pharmacies are not paid enough to cover these weight-loss medications. As a result, they turn people away. 

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Millions face obstacles like insurance issues, lack of supplies, and doctors who might not take their health concerns seriously based on body weight or blood sugar A1C results.

Semaglutide needs to be taken weekly without fail. If it’s out of stock or if the correct doses aren’t available, people could lose the progress they’ve made in weight loss, diabetes management, and improving heart health. 

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What happens when insurance does not cover Ozempic?

Quantumwanderer01 posted a query about how people are managing to pay for Ozempic. They have a prescription and health insurance, but their plan won’t cover Ozempic because they don’t have diabetes. 

They were unable to get approved for patient assistance programs; ironically, some of these programs rejected them for having insurance. 

Many other frustrated users responded that they are paying out of pocket, but it can get very expensive. Some pharmacies have been charging as high as $250 USD per week! 

Challenges finding Ozempic in a maze of bureaucracy

RandomPersonBob had been on the Ozempic 2 mg dose for a year and could control their A1C levels with the medication. However, their pharmacy ran out of Ozempic and could not tell him when they would be able to give him his refill. 

What a way to keep people running around in circles to get life-changing medication for their chronic conditions! It is incredibly frustrating and disheartening to people who are trying their best to take care of their health.

Healthcare providers are telling people to call around and ask individual pharmacies. But how do you balance full-time jobs, caregiving responsibilities, and daily activities while battling chronic conditions like obesity, diabetes, chronic fatigue, or other medical issues and have the time and energy to keep calling pharmacies?

There has to be a better way to get your semaglutide and ensure a consistent supply without breaking the bank.

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The Ozempic catch-22 for insulin resistance

For millions of people, Ozempic is a huge chicken-and-egg situation. Insurance approval for Ozempic is based on A1C results and BMI. However, insulin resistance often starts early and can be undetected by A1C blood tests until it crosses the pre-diabetic and diabetic limits.

Many people with a history of diabetes in their family would like to get their weight under control, curb cravings, and figure out how to prevent their A1C levels from rising. Ideally, antiobesity medications like Ozempic and Wegovy could help with these preventive measures. However, they are only available after the chronic conditions of obesity and diabetes have progressed to more severe levels. 

Sure, many are already battling obesity and type 2 diabetes and need medication. However, shortages mean that even they may not be assured of receiving the proper doses at the right time. 

In the future, Novo Nordisk and other companies might make enough drugs to meet demand and get approval to treat more conditions. But what can people do until then?

Final thoughts: Don’t let the Ozempic shortage slow weight loss

  • Semaglutide, the key ingredient in Ozempic and Wegovy, aids in weight loss by making you feel full sooner, reducing cravings, managing insulin levels, and decreasing fat storage. 
  • However, drug shortages and insurance hurdles have made life very difficult for millions who seek these gamechanging medications to improve their health.
  • Some struggles include changing insurance and losing coverage, not being able to continue coverage when you are no longer obese (after using Ozempic). But if you stop the drug, you may gain the weight back. Also, an interrupted supply of medication prevents many from getting their health on track.

Buy Ozempic online (generic version)

What’s the bottomline? Yes, there’s a blockbuster drug that may finally help you stop those food thoughts and give you the freedom and energy to live your lives the way you want to. But, if you’re like millions of others, the drugs are just out of reach. 

You do not have to lose hope. 

If you’re struggling to find the correct doses of Wegovy or Ozempic for weight loss, there’s a great alternative available.

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